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Bruce on Bikers Rights

Bruce on Bikers Rights
  • 2009-12: We Have No Rights
    Description: Our democracy is a myth,Our leaders can't be trusted;Our government is corrupt,And our system is busted.We have no rights,Save those we defend;We have but each otherOn which to depend.Bruce ArnoldSource: http://tinyurl.com/y9mlced

  • 2009-11: A Motorcycle Right-of-Way Violation Widow and Survivor Addresses the Killer of her Husband (Bikers' Rights)
    Description: Brenda Garon Melancon, Former Mayor 44337 Melancon Street, P.O. Box 7 Sorrento, LA 70778 . 225-675-8*7* I hope on this day, 14 October 2009, that you will spend some time reading my letter, and that the message I am conveying will make a difference, because on this day I will spend some time at the cemetery mourning my husband Jim, and spend some time honoring him by reflecting on all the reasons that I fell in love with him. "It's not the life that you live, it's the courage that you bring to it."--Yogi Bhajan This is the quote I adopted in 2004 when I started to teach yoga. I really never understood why I adopted this particular quote as my own credo, and even put it on my yoga business cards. Now, I truly understand why. It's been 2 years since your grossly negligent behavior as the driver of the car who violated our right-of-way, and as the Mayor, who although with prior knowledge did nothing about the existing problems at the intersection. We know the result of your negligence. The death of my husband Jim, the permanent disabling injuries to me, and the devastation to our entire family. I will remind you of your immediate response after the crash when asked if you had been in touch with the Pickholtz family, was "No. I don't wanna know. This is all so devastating to me. The accident was just horrible." Horrible, yes, but this was not an accident, Ms. Melancon. This was an incident, caused by you, but not solely about you...

  • 2009-10(#2): Motorcyclists Slighted by USDOT Distracted Driving Summit (Bikers' Rights)
    Description: Last week, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and the Department of Transportation staged a two-day Distracted Driving Summit in Washington DC: [ http://tinyurl.com/ncozgx ] Of all motorists, motorcyclists are the most vulnerable to injury or death as a result of accidents caused by distracted drivers. Yet for some reason, neither the American Motorcyclist Association ("AMA"), nor the Motorcycle Riders Foundation ("MRF"), nor any of the attorney-fronting faux MROs were invited to sit on any Summit panel, give a presentation, or even make a formal statement. In fact, neither "motorcycles" nor "motorcyclists" were even mentioned in the Summit agenda: [ http://tinyurl.com/yalgzex ]Why motorcyclists were slighted is a mystery. Another mystery is how the federal government managed to issue press release DOT 156-09 summarizing the conclusions and recommendations coming from the Summit at 1:07pm ET, when the Summit did not officially conclude until 23 minutes later:

  • 2009-10: Recession, Revolution and Bikers Rights (Bikers' Rights)
    Description: Rather than answer the call of a shallow party-line hack like Utah State Representative Curtis Oda to "proudly" run Ole Glory up a pole and celebrate 9-11 ... a date which should more appropriately "live in infamy" like December 7 ... I chose instead to mark the 8th anniversary of our 2nd Pearl Harbor by riding 1100 miles from South Florida to the Washington DC Beltway suburb of Silver Spring MD. In so doing, I logged my 43rd Iron Butt ride and not coincidentally my "11th" SaddleSore 1000. I had a mixed agenda for my three-day stay in our nation's capital, not the least of which would be gazing at the gaggle of true believers in Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project gathered on the National Mall for an Astroturf Tea Party. What I saw was life imitating art, with Beck playing the role of deranged "Network" TV anchor Howard Beale while his staged, sign-waving and media-seeking followers vied to broadcast their prepared sound bytes and declare with Twitter-compliant brevity why they were "mad as Hell" and "not going to take it anymore"...

  • 2009-09: Harley-Davidson and Corporate Social Responsibility to Fallen Riders (Bikers' Rights)
    Description: Dear Bill, A kind assessment of your response to my letter of June 6 entitled "Why Should Motorcyclists Support the MDAa" incorporated by this reference... http://tinyurl.com/pgny4n ...would be that what we have here is a failure to communicate: http://tinyurl.com/navt4s And if you consider my replies to your surrogate somewhat harsh, you can attribute that to the condescending attitude pervading the dismissively evasive answers proffered for my direct and serious questions. I am no enemy of Harley-Davidson, Bill. I have been a biker at heart since I watched my first episode of "Then Came Bronson" as a boy, and a motorcyclist in fact since my father helped me buy my first ride in 1969. I bought into living "the dream" promoted by the Motor Company hook, line and sinker, and perhaps in some small way have contributed to "the legend" by completing over 40 IBA-certified distance and endurance rides on my '99 FXDS: http://distanceriding.ldrlongdistancerider.com That is not to say, however, that...

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